A Moment to Celebrate Milestones

Mindfulness, appreciating where we’ve come from, breathing it all in and thanking those that have helped us make it here. A reflection on our milestones that have made us who we are today.
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HOLOS Milestones

Do you ever stop mid-run and just think, “wow I’ve covered some ground”? Maybe it’s at the 1 km mark or at 25 km - it’s all perspective. That moment of realizing you’ve got momentum and you’re actually on the run you once just thought about doing - that moment is beautiful. It’s a small celebration of achieving something (big or small), a moment of realizing your dedication and accomplishment in itself for appreciating where you currently are. That's what this blog is for us as HOLOS. We’ve been focused on the long run and where we’re going, now is our moment to celebrate where we are.

First things first, how we got here.

We sincerely couldn’t be where we are today without our incredibly supportive customers that not only enjoy our overnight organic muesli but also believe in us and embrace our ethos. Leading the charge on all the changes you see and milestones we feel is our internal team of dedicated, growth-oriented and fun-loving humans. We’ve been growing, adapting, and practicing flexibility to reach for the stars over the last year and good news - we’ve snagged some stars! Beyond our full-time crew, we have reliable contractors that support us in big tasks or specialties outside of our expertise. United by our intentions to pursue convenient mindful nutrition all of our various levels of support have brought us here - today. Today is really just another day - not an anniversary or anything special - just a good day to feel thankful for where we are and say thank you to everyone that has been a part of the journey.

In the last calendar year, we’ve focused on connection through partnerships - 42 to be exact, collaborations - 12 so far, and through better and more open lines of communication by upping our customer email communications and responsive engagement on social media. In a physical sense, we’ve also grown. We’re now in over 350 retail locations, officially on amazon.ca and only a few weeks away from officially growing our flavour family.

Mindfully navigating our business achievements and goals with a sustainable balanced approach to life has undoubtedly been a learning experience - so goes the course for startups they say! As a whole, we’ve grown our team in size, quality and connected in unity. Below are some of our major milestones we’re proud of as we take this time to reflect and honour where we came from - a breather from looking forward. We hope you’ll feel the urge to do the same - to celebrate you and where you’re at today - this very fine random day - perfect for feeling fulfilled in your accomplishments.

Mindful HOLOS Milestones

  1. G7 selection: As part of the 2018 G7 Canada Summit, HOLOS was selected as one of 12 companies to showcase our innovation (our "Super-Breakfast”) to media from around the world at the International Media Center. - June 2018
  2. Official online launch across Canada - January 2019.
  3. Les Dragons debut! - May 2020
  4. Our first #RunforNOAH charity event - June 2020
  5. Supported Jeff Cauchon’s attempt at breaking a world record ”E17EVATE” - August 2020
  6. Release our first short Docu-film CAUCHON “answers from the woods” - November 2020
  7. New 100% recyclable (#2) packing - January 2021
  8. Retail launch - January 2021
  9. Our new packaging won a Dieline award - May 2021
  10. Featured on the cover of Canadian Packaging Magazine - June 2021
  11. Tackled educational series The War on Carbs - June 2021
  12. Supported another #RunforNOAH charity event - June 2021
  13. Celebrated 300 HOLOS retail locations - June 2021
  14. Reached 1 million HOLOS sold - July 2021
  15. Launched Humans of HOLOS series - July 2021
  16. Started the 2021 retail roadshow tour - July 2021
  17. Supported Olympic athletes for the first time in the 2021 Olympic Games - July 2021
  18. Officially on Amazon.ca - August 2021
  19. New flavour drop! - October 2021

Reflection is a beautiful thing. Thanks for partaking in ours and for the ability to have so many celebration-worthy milestones doting our timeline so far. Turning our stride forward again we can’t wait to continue to keep the pace, share the journey and fuel you to your fullest potential.

Teaser alert! We’ll be doing some things with cameras, new regions and new tastes in the next few months - stay tuned on @liveholos.