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Built for Active Living.

Being fit both mentally and physically is a key part to having successful active days. We’ve developed a formula with the perfect ratio of nutrients to help you reach such a state.

Everything has been thought of so all you have to do is enjoy long-lasting energy from soaked and activated ingredients that make you feel super, all day long.

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20g plant-based protein
12g fiber
13 vitamins & minerals
1 000 000 000 CFU Probiotics
2g omega-3

Choose from 6 delicious flavors.

HOLOS is a creamy and crunchy organic overnight muesli; a blend of organic whole grains, nuts, seeds, spices and dried fruit that comes in six distinct flavors.

HOLOS Vanilla


A subtle taste of vanilla that will keep you wanting to come back for more.

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Maple + Almonds

The sweet ‘n salty classic combo: lightly roasted crunchy almonds with pure maple.

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HOLOS Peanuts+Maple


Kick your day into high gear with cocoa. A light chocolate taste to elevate your mood.

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The most comforting of spices. Ginger and cinnamon. Together forever.

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HOLOS Apple+Cinnamon

Apple + Cinnamon

Smooth cinnamon paired with organic apple pieces make for a comforting yet refreshing flavor—with an added pumpkin seed crunch!

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Caramel + Raisins

Reminiscent of oatmeal raisins cookies with enveloping notes of caramel—lightly sweetened with our blend of organic date powder, brown sugar & lucuma superfood powder.

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HOLOS Caramel+Raisins

Tapping into the power of superfoods.

“Superfoods” are defined as exceptionally nutritious whole foods that benefit your overall health and well-being. After numerous research and analysis trials, HOLOS selected the best superfoods nature has to offer to create a perfectly filling, energizing and tasty breakfast blend. That’s why it’s called the Super Breakfast.

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Kick-start your day, the smart way.

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Add your milk of choice.


Activate your breakfast overnight.


Customize to your taste and enjoy anywhere.

Overnight magic:
Activate your breakfast with the power of soaking.

Humans have been using the simple method of soaking whole grains, nuts and seeds overnight for thousands of years. This is done to minimize bloat, unlock more nutrients, and create a meal that's softer on your digestion. The end result is an activated breakfast ready for you the moment you wake up, with absolutely no cooking to do. That’s what being effective is all about.

Power of Soaking

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"Meet my new hack. As someone who doesn’t love spending my time making food, I am stoked to have one of many meals in the day before planned and prepared for me. I love that it saves me time but also that I don’t have to wake up and think about how many macronutrients are in my breakfast."

Larissa Franklin, Canadian Olympic Softball Team
Karen Furneaux

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"After a few months of trying HOLOS I noticed that I needed less food during the practices and that I could maintain my energy throughout the morning sessions. Not to mention it is the perfect breakfast to bring with you on a training camp! Easy to pack and convenient to prep the night before!"

Claudia Holzner, Synchronized Swimmer on Canada's National Team | 3x Pan Am gold medalist
Karen Furneaux

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"The best breakfast ever."

Jordan Stewart, Canadian National Taekwondo Team | World Ranked #4
Karen Furneaux

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"It is hard to make a life out of trail running here in Canada, so I also work a regular job as an engineer. My usual weekly training includes over 100 km of running. Eating my HOLOS in the morning is a no brainer. It gives me the fuel I need for my morning run and I still have plenty of energy left afterwards to perform at work. I recommend it to everyone I know!"

Jeff Cauchon — Elite Canadian trail runner
Karen Furneaux

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"As an AT & performance specialist for pro and Olympic athletes, HOLOS allows me to start my day off worry-free knowing I’m fueling my body with all the proper nutrients."

Kenny Spracklin, BSc, CAT(C), CSCS
Karen Furneaux

Frequently Asked Questions

Every pouch is one full serving. It contains 20g plant-based protein, 12g fiber, 13 vitamins & minerals, 2g omega-3 and 1 billion CFU probiotics. For full nutrition facts, visit our ingredients and click on "Complete nutrition facts".

While we highly suggest soaking your HOLOS overnight (for 8 hours or more) because of the benefits it brings, we understand that you might not have the necessary time or that you might forget to prepare it the night before. In that case, we recommend 3 hours as the minimum soaking time.

Of course! We find the simplest way to enjoy HOLOS is always to soak it the day before even if you eat it for lunch or dinner, but you can also soak it the same day you eat it.