The story behind the father that ran 17 marathons in 7 days

Run for Noah

This docu-film tells the remarkable story of a young father whose son is born with an extra 21st chromosome. Wanting to prove to him that there is nothing impossible in this world, he embarks on a true superhero challenge: to run 700 just 7 days. With the support of his family and team, the athlete and HOLOS ambassador runs to raise awareness and defy the status quo. He runs to spark reflection on the physical and mental pain that so often makes us grow. Above all, he runs for Noah.

“This film beautifully portrays the strength of the human spirit and body when driven by a higher purpose beyond mere statistics.”
Lucy Bartholomew, Pro Ultrarunner

Behind the camera

Directed by our co-founder, Samuel T. Scofy, this 60 minute production holds a particularly special place in the heart of HOLOS, as it is an ode to resilience in its purest form which embodies the company's most cherished values.

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